P90X by Beachbody Review

What is P90X?

Perfect program for enthusiast who wants a well organized training system that shows how and when to change your routine for maximum result, using the advance science Muscle Confusion. So your body keeps changing throughout the 90 days and beyond.

P90X is a revolutionary system of 12 life-changing workouts. You also get a comprehensive 3-Phase Nutrition Plan, a detailed Fitness Guide, a P90X Calendar and tracking worksheets. No gyms or fancy sports equipment required. All you need is a small space (about 6 by 6 feet), a set of dumbbells or resistance bands, a pull-up bar, and about an hour a day. Your workouts include:

  1. Chest & Back
  2. Plyometrics
  3. Shoulders & Arms
  4. Yoga X
  5. Legs & Back
  6. Kenpo X
  7. X Stretch
  8. Core Synergistics
  9. Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps
  10. Back & Biceps
  11. Cardio X
  12. Ab Ripper X

What does Fitness Activist think of P90X?

P90X is structured for muscle confusion. Each day is different, targeting different sets of muscles and providing either a cardio or weight-lifting workout. In addition, each WEEK is different. It’s not like you just keep rotating the same DVDs in a continuous loop. Being someone who tends to get bored with monotony, I was happy to learn of the variety.

Day One: Chest and Back + Ab Ripper X

This workout revolves around the pull up and the push up. MANY of them, at that. Which was just swell because I cannot even do ONE. Luckily for me, we’re told to use a chair for assistance until we’re able to do them on our own.

It was about 10 minutes into this workout that I realized what I had gotten myself into. And I still had 50 minutes to go. How I survived I’m still not sure. Ever wonder if your armpits can quiver? They can.

Oh, and after I made it though the hour long workout? I got to do 20 minutes of some of the most intense ab exercises I’ve ever come across. Like I said, HARDCORE.

Day 2: Plyometrics

 This was a cardio DVD. And after putting my shoulders through the third circle of hell, I was thankful for a break. HA! In P90X there are no breaks. None. Other than one day of rest a week, you should just know that you are going to work hard every.single.day. This workout was a great example of that.

After the Mister and I got 30 minutes through we both looked at each other and yelled – we STILL have 30 minutes of this sh*t to go! Reason #9875 recommend doing his program with a partner. You’ll keep each other motivated threaten the other person’s livelihood if they even CONSIDER leaving you alone.

Day 3: Shoulders and Arms + Ab Ripper X

When the alarm went off on Wednesday morning, my soul died a little bit.

But after powering through and putting my arms through one of the hardest workouts they’ve ever seen, I’ve felt the strongest I’ve ever felt. I’m aware that my muscles weren’t ALREADY getting stronger, people (although with this workout, who can say for sure!), I’m talkin’ inner strength. It’s something I wasn’t expecting with P90X. I wasn’t expecting to feel so accomplished, so proud. It was a happy surprise. It almost made the pain worth it.

You’ll notice that after the hour of weight training, I had to continue with the Ab Ripper. If hell is real, it’s the Ab Ripper on a continuous loop.

Day 4: Yoga

This workout was an hour and 30 minutes! Now I know a few yogis have said that P90X bothers them because it isn’t as authentic as “real” Yoga. I happened to love it. The poses were traditional yoga poses and it was one of the few Yoga workouts I’ve done where I actually feel like I’m working out.

Also – I’m not nearly as flexible as I thought I was.

While this workout FELT the easiest while doing it, my body felt like it had been trampled by the end of the day.

Day 5: Legs and Back + Ab Ripper

 DO NOT – I repeat – DO NOT take a spinning class the night before this workout. In all fairness, I did not KNOW that day 5 was a leg workout. Taking that spinning class was the stupid. VERY stupid. At one point during this workout I was evaluating all the knives in my kitchen – trying to determine which one would do the best job of CUTTING MY LEGS OFF. I wish I was kidding.

And you may have noticed I got to do that lovely Ab Ripper again! I am the luckiest.

Day 6: Kenpo


I loved this workout. LOVED. Yes, it was hard, but it made me feel like a badass, and there are few things better than that.

As some of you may know, I have a black belt in karate! I earned it in high school after practicing for several years. I’ve been out of practice for awhile, but I’d like to think my technique came right back in this workout!

This workout was (dare I say?) fun and went by very quickly.

Day 7: REST

There is a God.

Hope this walk through of P90X has helped you.

Equipment Required

How much is P90X?

US$ 119.85 + US$19.95 (Shipping/Handling)

How to order Body Beast?

Send an email to international@beachbody.com providing both the items you’d like to purchase and your phone number. Within 24 hours, they will call you at the phone number provided, tell you the total cost including shipping and handling of the products you’d like to purchase, and answer any questions you may have. Click here for more details.

Or you can torrent it.. **you didn’t hear it from me**

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