Doorway Pull-up Bar


Train pull ups (IPPT and NAPFA) at the comfort of your home with Fitness Activist Doorway Pull-up Bar! Turn the door into your own personal gym in just seconds and remove the bar easily with no drilling required. Definitely an easy, inexpensive way to tone and build muscles at home!

  • Multi-position design for developing back, chest, shoulders, arms, and abdominal compound muscles
  • Ideal for pull-ups and chin-ups, or as foot anchor for crunches
  • Constructed of high-grade steel with comfort foam covered handles for a secure and pain-free grip
  • Holds up to a maximum weight capacity of 300lb within a sturdy door frame


Carefully designed to fit most door frames between 62-100cm or 82-130cm, there are 2 easy ways of installing our Doorway Pull-up Bar that can be completed within minutes. However if, you have a permanent location in mind, the gym can also be mounted to the wall with the optional, included wall brackets. The uniquely constructed black-red contoured foam grip aids users to have a better hold on the handles and prevents slipping.


Training your pull ups is crucial as it is one of the fundamental compound upper-body excises (like push ups and sit ups). It not only targets several muscle groups, it also release large amount of growth hormones. Apart from getting one step closer to passing your IPPT or NAPFA test, you’ll also get that desired v-shape back and toned bicep arms.



  • 1 chin-up bar
  • 1 chin-up bar assembly kit
  • 1 user Manual for assembly and exercise guide

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