Balance Disc


Inflatable balance disc cushion helps shape and tone your lower body, additionally improves balance and flexibility.


Sitting on a balance disc helps achieve better posture while burning calories. The minor movements and adjustments that happen naturally while seated on a balance disc constantly engage core muscles that are at rest while seated in a normal chair. This allows for improved balance, muscle tone, posture and productivity. Whether you are at work or at home, sitting on the Balance Disc is a great way to keep your body active and improve fitness.

This 13” diameter inflatable disc allows you to enjoy the same advantages as an exercise ball only in a smaller, more portable product. It is utilized in your exercise routine to foster improved balance, strength and stability. The Balance Disc is knobby on one side and smooth on the other for a choice of surface textures and the inflation level can be adjusted to maximize comfort.

  • Improve balance and add challenge to your workout
  • Use for balance & strength training and rehabilitation
  • Improve back health and core strength while sitting at the home and office
  • Portable alternative to Natural Fitness Burst-Resistant Exercise Ball
  • Made from strong latex-free vinyl
  • Exercise Instruction Chart provides a full body workout

What you will get

  • Balance Disc


Additional information

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