Speed Agility Ladder


Speed ladder drills are about quality and form. The drills are not meant to exhaust you but are meant to activate and increase your brains reaction helping your muscles move faster. It’s always best to perform drills at the beginning of the session as your muscles will be fresh and more alert ensuring good quality of movement.

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  • Fixed rungs agility ladder that consists of sturdy plastic rungs connected using webbing strap.
  • The Speed Agility Ladder can be used for hopping, running or walking drills to increase speed, agility, coordination and sense of balance.
  • Great for soccer drills.
  • Plastic rungs are used for increased durability.
  • Ladder collapses easily to fit into the carry bag included with the ladder for easy carrying.

Demonstration on how to use the Agility Ladder:

What you will get:

  • 8 round plastic bar agility ladder (each rectangle is approximately 50cm by 40cm)
  • a carrier bag

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