Mini Loop Band



Fitness Activist Mini Loop Bands are a great way to strengthen glutes, removing stress off lower back for better posture and gait cycle. They work especially well in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from leg, knee and back injuries and help to recover from torn MCL and ACL, knee replacement, patella, meniscus, etc. A must have band to learn a proper squat technique to avoid valgus collapse, and also for runners to learn correct glutes firing sequence to prevent runner’s knee. Perfect for Legs for Hip Abductor.




  • Light Yellow mini loop resistance bands 50cm (Circumference) x 5cm x 0.45mm (2 – 6kg*)
  • Medium Blue mini loop resistance bands 50cm (Circumference) x 5cm x 0.55mm (3 – 8kg*)
  • Heavy Red mini loop resistance bands 50cm (Circumference) x 5cm x 0.65mm (4 – 10kg*)

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Light (Yellow), Medium (Blue), Heavy (Red)

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