Light Duty Exercise Bench


Designed for home use, Fitness Activist Gym Bench allows you to replace your gym membership and train at home. This gym bench is an essential gym equipment that provides support which lets you lift much heavier weights and increasing your gains.

  • Comes in 1 piece, does not require any assembling
  • Simple folding/unfolding, easy adjustment of angles of the bench
  • Slip-resistant leather coating and thick foam-covered leg support

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Fitness Activist Gym Bench is a quality weight bench for weight training. Its multi-functionality does not come at the expense of complexity of use and storage space. It does not require assembling and folding and unfolding of the bench is simple. Adjusting of the angles of the bench is equally easy!

The ergonomic back upholstery with back support of the bench being wider in the hip zone and smaller in the shoulder zone separates it from other benches. If you’re tired of doing bicep curls, tricep curls and want to increase your options for resistance training or do weight lifting, this gym bench is an indispensable equipment for you!


  • Stable support for heavy lifters
  • 7 different adjustable angles
  • Covered with comfortable slip-resistant leather
  • Fold / unfold easily, compact and easy to store
  • No assembling required
  • Leg and foot support covered in thick foam

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