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With 12 reconfigurable wheels, the Fitness Activist Massage Stick is a must-have self massage tool for anyone in need of a restorative lift from athletes to pain sufferers. Portable and dissembles for easy cleaning too!

  • Massages large muscle groups, targeting knots, improving circulation, hydrating fascia, and alleviating pain
  • Enhances exercise routine to ease pain before and after workouts
  • Hugs the contours of your body as the independent rollers get to work on your muscles and fascia
  • Hypoallergenic, non-toxic and phthalate free

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Fitness Activist’s long time favorite Massage Stick will give you fast muscle relief from sore and tight calves, quad, harmstrings and cramp by promoting immediate circulation to the legs.

Our Massage Stick is made to last and so easy to use. The size makes it the perfect massage tool for travel and home too! Comfortable handles help you keep a firm grip.

Probably not the first massage stick you’ve gotten, but definitely the last one you will ever buy!


  • Size fits conveniently inside your sports bag
  • Stick length: 45cm
  • Stick diameter: 3cm
  • Roller diameter: 5 – 7cm
  • Material: PVC + ABS

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