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ESSENTIAL TRAINING EQUIPMENT – Fitness Activist Agility Cones are an essential training accessory for any coach’s arsenal as they help in training and development of players at all levels. The cones can be used on the basketball court and football field for outlining agility drills, on the field as boundary line markers, on a running track as course markers, or for a wide variety of other marking needs in tennis, football, hockey, etc.

STACKABLE – The cones come in a set of 40 pieces and have low profile (dimensions 2″ tall X 7 3/5 “) which is safe for any sports – preferred by many professional coaches and trainers. The cones can be stacked together for ease of storage and portability.

MULTIPLE COLOURS – The set of 40 cones come in 4 different colors – 10 Blue, 10 Green, 10 Orange and 10 Yellow. The colors are thoughtfully chosen such that they are bright enough to be clearly visible from a far distance but do not become a distraction.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND MULTIFUNCTIONAL – The disc cones are extremely light weight and thus enhance the portability even further. Moreover, these can also be used for a wide variety of other purposes like for creating boundaries in a parking lot, as dividers for managing traffic or in any event for creating clear markings.

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