Complete Resistance Bands (Advance) Set


The Fitness Activist Complete Resistance Bands (Advance) Set is recommended for fit individuals and athletes (or beginners with a long term goal of attaining such fitness level). It creates a greater resistance level and provides the necessary challenge required by athletes to build and condition their body.

  • Being just as effective as free weights
  • Provides constant resistance when stretched, allowing you to isolate your muscles during workouts and shred body fat
  • Proven to help you burn fats and tone lean muscles faster
  • Compact, easy-to-use, and portable for a complete workout anytime, anywhere


With the increasing levels of resistance, you can easily ramp up your workout as you get into better and better shape. These colour coded resistance bands are made from high quality latex rubber comes in a range of resistance levels and are attached to soft foam-covered grip for maximum comfort. Get lean and ripped in no time when used in Beachbody’s fitness programs like the P90X and Insanity.

All our resistance bands are produced using double dipped method that increases the wall thickness of the bands by dipping the band in liquid latex. Thus increasing more tension and durability.

Some compelling features of resistance bands:

  1. Low Cost: Resistance bands are much cheaper to a set of dumbbells or gym membership.
  2. Great Portability: Being compact and light, the Resistance Bands are much more convenient for fitness on the go, anytime anywhere.
  3. Compact: Store your resistance bands sets easily into any drawers. No need for a dedicated space to keep those bulky fitness equipment.
  4. Ease of progressive difficulty: Either switch up to a more advance band, pair up with other bands or simply controlling the tension of the resistance band easily and quickly by shortening or lengthening the band; compared to switching weights plates in between workouts.
  5. Safe: Reduce the risk of dumbbell prone injuries (e.g. weight plates dropping on …)

For more benefits, please check out our infograph below:

Introduction to resistance bands:


  • 1.1m long yellow band: 5lb*
  • 1.1m long  blue band: 10lb*
  • 1.1m long red band: 13lb*
  • 1.1m long green band: 19lb*
  • 1.1m long black band: 23lb*
  • 1.1m long purple/orange band: 28lb* (Advance Level Resistance)
  • 1.1m long silver band: 33lb * (Advance Level Resistance)
  • 1.1m long gold band: 38lb* (Advance Level Resistance)
  • Door Anchor
  • 2 x Ankle Strap
  • 2x Foam Handle
  • Exercise chart
  • Pouch to hold the above items

*Being estimates

Additional information

Weight 1 kg