How to use the O and 8 shaped expanders?

The O and 8 shaped expanders are provides increased resistance when performing one or two arm exercises, or lower body exercises. Here are some example on how to use the expanders.

[pix_tabs active=”1″][ul][pix_tab title=”BICEP”][pix_tab title=”REAR DELTOIDS”][pix_tab title=”TRICEPS”][pix_tab title=”LOWER BODY”][/ul]

[pix_tab_content title=”BICEP”][/pix_tab_content]

[pix_tab_content title=”REAR DELTOIDS”][/pix_tab_content]

[pix_tab_content title=”TRICEPS”][/pix_tab_content]

[pix_tab_content title=”LOWER BODY”][/pix_tab_content][/pix_tabs]

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