Rigid Strapping Tape


The Fitness Activist Rigid Strapping Tape is a Premium strapping tape designed to provide high tensile strength and rigidity to support and prevent unnatural joint movements.

  • Prevent injury by restricting the movement of affected body parts
  • Provides lightweight, external support during sports or periods of activity
  • Typically use for Fingers, Knee and Ankles
  • Hand-tear-able for ease of use


Our Premium Rigid Strapping Tape’s water-proof glue formulation ensures the reliability of this product under harsh condition and humidity, yet leaves no residue upon removal. Both glue and spandex are latex free and hypoallergenic, hand tear-able and designed to support and prevent joint injury.

Tape can be applied along muscles and ligaments, to provide a lightweight, external support that helps you remain active during recovery process.

A physiotherapist can be consulted to discover the best sports tape strapping techniques for a particular injury, condition or as a preventative measure.



Dimensions: 13.7m x 38mm

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Weight 0.15 kg

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