Leg Plyometric Resistance Bands Set

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These bands are ideal for enthusiast looking to be involved in high level fast cardio sports that involve explosive speed movements.

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Designed for sports like Football, Rugby, Hockey, Tennis, Running, Sprinting, Basketball, Sqaush, Netball etc.

These resistance bands are amazing because they can be adapted for use with multi-directional training.
Benefits of these bands:
  • Strengthening – muscles, joints and bones
  • Flexibility – more range of movement
  • Plyometrics training – faster body movements

Introduction to Leg Resistance Band:

Workout at your desk:


What will you get:

  • 2 x Yellow resistance band: 5lb*
  • 2 x Blue resistance band: 7lb*
  • 2 x Red resistance band: 13lb*
  • 2 x Green resistance band: 19lb*
  • 2 x Black resistance band: 23lb*
  • 2 x Leg Straps
  • Travel Bag

Additional information

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