Ab Strap



Quick connect a pair of heavy-duty performance Fitness Activist Ab Straps to your pull up bar for ab defining workouts the way the pros do it. Experienced professionals use Ab Straps to perform off-the-floor crunches and leg lifts.

  • Easily attaches to any standard chin-up bar and includes metal hooks for quick installation
  • Stretches torso giving greater ab movement and therefore greater intensity and results
  • Padded elbow sleeves for comfort
  • Sturdy, comfortable and designed for years of performance


Fitness Activist Ab Straps is made from heavy duty nylon supports with padded elbow sleeve pockets that provides enhanced comfort and an oversized D-ring that fits most bars and machines.

Our Ab Straps are excellent for doing leg raises, abdominal twists and other raised abdominal work. It isolates abs for total abdominal development and is an awesome equipment created for working your abs.


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