Ab Carver



Carve your core, ripped abs and sculpted arms with Fitness Activist Ab Carver. Designed for all fitness levels, it provides a powerful abs training for everyone from beginners to advanced users.

  • Provides resistance as you roll out and back
  • Uses carbon steel springs for great abominal and arm workouts
  • Includes ergonomic hand grips for stability control
  • Lightweight and non-bulky design making it suitable for travelling
  • Works well on carpets and hard floors


Get toned abs and sculpted arms with Ab Carver. This system is lightweight and features a non-bulky design to make it suitable to take it with you anywhere, even travelling! In addition, it is designed for all fitness levels. It has a strong carbon steel spring inside which serves to perform the movements better, and ergonomic hand grips for stability control. Get in the best shape of your life with regular exercise with Ab Carver.

3 Rules of Carve-ing

It’s about Quality, NOT Quantity

Proper form is critical for best results:

  • Keep eyes focused 1 ft. in front of the Perfect Ab-Carver
  • Keep elbows in
  • Keep the core tight – pull navel toward spine
  • Keep knees hip-width apart and tips of feet on the ground
  • Try both hand positions and use the one that feels most comfortable to you

Learn your limits

  • Carving is an intense exercise, especially the first time you try it
  • Use a wall as a back stop to learn your limits
  • Start 12 inches away from a wall and slowly roll toward the wall. It will act as a safety barrier should you not be able to control the movement in the beginning
  • It is not unusual to feel sore after your first carving workout. This is a tough exercise and it will take time to build up your core.

Take it slow

  • Carving is not about speed, it’s about slow and controlled muscle contractions
  • Pace yourself – try 5 seconds out and 5 seconds back
  • Moving slowly lets you focus on keeping proper form and getting results

Additional information

Weight2 kg
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